Real Weird Sisters

Sometimes I feel like a Muggle* parent.

My two daughters would have given anything to have received invitations to attend Hogwarts. But when that didn’t happen, they compensated by reading the Harry Potter series dozens of times, cultivating their collective knowledge of HP lore and uncritical fandom of J.K. Rowling. It’s not that they wanted to be witches, or even capable of magic. They simply delighted in total immersion in the world Rowling created–its characters, humor, ethics, and of course, story.

They have grown up to be talented, hard-working, caring, and responsible young adults, of whom I am quite proud. They have retained their shared love—okay, obsession isn’t too strong a word—of Harry Potter. Now, thanks to social media, they are sharing that eccentricity with the world. They are not the least bit embarrassed to call their recently launched weekly podcast “The Real Weird Sisters.” And yes, this new enterprise is 100% devoted to Harry Potter.

Which explains why I feel like a Muggle parent, somewhat bewildered by the world in which my children choose to live and the talents they choose to pursue. The books provide two contrasting models for Muggle parents. Harry’s relatives and reluctant foster parents, the Dursleys, despise the wizarding world. Their fear and loathing are comical. But Hermione Granger’s Muggle parents, both dentists, accept the magical gifts and calling of their daughter, and support her chosen path.

I choose the parenting style of the Grangers: let them pursue their interests and use their gifts as they choose. In this post I offer shameless advertising for the podcasts even though I do not promise to listen to their discussions of every chapter of every book. (Didn’t I say obsession is not too strong a word?)

I’d end with a magical charm, but it wouldn’t work for me.

*In the world of Harry Potter, a Muggle is a non-magical person


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